M&A and Product Licensing

During M&A activities as well as the out- or in-licensing of products Biosova drives the development of professional marketing materials, company documents or management presentations, and supports the scouting process for acquisition targets or investors.

  • Outlicensing of a medtech device for intensive care
    Beside developing a professional design for future corporate documents and presentations, Biosova supported the selection and prioritization of potential investors and the generation of marketing materials.
  • Search for potential commercial partnerships for point-of-care device manufacturer
    Biosova’s services included the scouting for potential investors as well as the preparation of marketing materials and a confidential information memorandum with details on market landscape, competitive positioning and future business.
  • M&A scouting for potential acquisition targets in the dermatology market
    To find potential acquisition targets Biosova composed company long lists, which were used for step-wise prioritization and the generation of selected company profiles.
  • Outlicensing of a pharmaceutical for supportive cancer care
    Biosova supported a database approach to identify potential strategic and financial investors.