Graphic Design

A sound graphic design is the key to successful business. Marketing materials and corporate documents are the face to your partners, investors and clients. They demonstrate professionalism, creativity and clear understanding of the business.

  • Booklet design for one of the top10 international pharma companies
    Biosova designed the product and pipeline summary booklet for the board meeting of one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies.
  • Establishment of a corporate design for a intensive care company
    In the context of an outlicensing process Biosova drove the graphical design of corporate documents.
  • Enhancement of company documents for a European pharma company
    During the review of several powerpoint presentations Biosova helped to develop a professional design, clear graphics and a sound storylining.
  • Graphic design of charts and graphs
    To convey clear messages to the audience Biosova improved charts and graphs in powerpoint documents of several companies.