Commercial Due Diligence

Before the acquisition of a company, buyers need to evaluate the company’s current and projected performance.

A CDD report gives a comprehensive review of the company’s business plan in the context of market conditions, projected trends and industry competition.

  • CDD for private equity company to acquire a medtech company with focus on ophthalmic diagnostics
    By setting-up and conducting over 30 interviews with industry experts Biosova offered a comprehensive analysis of the ophthalmology market as well as an evaluation of the acquisition target in the light of market trends, competition and customer needs.
  • CDD for private equity company to acquire a pharmaceutical CDMO
    Biosova generated a summary of the CDMO market with respect to the divers pharmaceutical dosage forms as well as side by side evaluation of the company’s portfolio and business plan.
  • CDD for private equity company to acquire a luxury medical SPA with private clinic
    Biosova delivered a detailed CDD report including the analysis of underlying and addressable markets with focus on competition, volatility, upside potentials and risks. Biosova additionally performed >20 stakeholder interviews with international senior management in the industry.
  • CDD for private equity company to acquire radiology service provider
    Biosova supported the buyer side by filing a comprehensive business plan assessment and evaluation of the target’s growth strategies.